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Educational Program

Academy of Arts and Sciences implements a thematic, interactive program incorporating multiple learning styles. We are now enrolling students, grades K to 1st, for the 2016-2017 school year. For more information on enrollment, please call (440) 244-0156.

The core curriculum includes the nation’s top-rated Journey’s Reading, Saxon Math, and Harcourt Brace
Science. Students receive the rigor of college preparatory coursework coupled with the hands-on approach of Science and Studies which enables them to apply what they learn in class. The morning is dedicated to building solid skills in the core subject areas of reading and writing and alternating specials of physical education, art and music. The afternoon focuses on math, science and social studies.


Structure and Safety

Providing structure and an emotionally and physically safe learning environment is our top priority. We are committed to providing students with a sense of belonging and a feeling of significance so they feel safe to learn, grow, and
thrive. A strong code of conduct, uniform dress code, and emphasis on parent involvement contribute to our school culture that fosters excellence.

Parental Involvement

Because every child needs stability, continuity and a
champion who believes in his or her human
potential, parents are required to be actively
engaged in their children’s education. Teachers
conduct regular goal setting conferences with
individual children and their parents so that all
cooperate to ensure the student’s success.

Propelled by Paragon

The content-rich Paragon Curriculum is
interdisciplinary, engaging, discovery-based,
student centered, and multi-cultural. Paragon’s
hands-on approach addresses students’ multiple
intelligences and individual learning styles,
enhancing their skills of communication,
analysis, and self-expression.

Rather than teach history in bits and pieces in
arbitrary sequence, Paragon’s chronological
approach demonstrates to students how one
idea builds on and evolves into another, and
leads students to understand the evolution of
world cultures.

Students study history across continents and
gain a profound understanding of the manner
in which many ideas develop at the same time
in independent cultures unaware of the other’s
breakthroughs. Students step into the shoes of
great thinkers, use the tools and techniques of
scientists and mathematicians in simulation, and
analyze and evaluate their contributions.


Classroom space is limited, so it is imperative
that parents submit an enrollment application
for their child as early as possible.