Academy of Arts and Sciences Students’ Positive Character Traits Make a Global Impact

Lorain, OH. (Mosaica Education, Inc.) September 1, 2010 – The Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAS), Walking with Giants program does more than inspire, it provokes positive change that extends globally.

Listening tentatively, students at AAS grew inspired and motivated by Pastor Lori Loomis, a local missionary, during a recent visit. Pastor Loomis spoke about her time serving as a missionary in Africa, as part of the Walking with Giants program. Through AAS’s innovative implementation of the Paragon Curriculum, it takes the Walking with Giants program to the next level, by inviting local ‘Giants’ to the school to address students monthly.

As a result, students at AAS decided to collect school supplies for students in Africa. The collection will continue until September 30, 2010, and all donations may be brought to the Academy of Arts and Sciences, 201 W. Erie Avenue, Lorain, OH 44052.

The “giant” personifies a positive character trait that AAS instills in its students. Along with these visits, AAS also has a school-wide positive character trait that is taught monthly. Students from each class who demonstrate the designated trait are rewarded, at our monthly pep rally.

Jennifer Ditzenberger is a curriculum implementation specialist for AAS.

“Our Paragon program instills such virtues as kindness and compassion for others by teaching them that though we may have cultural differences we all have similar needs,” Ditzenberger said. “After the children saw the needs of their peers in Africa they made a commitment to help them through the school supply collection.”

For August, the character trait was kindness. After Pastor Loomis’ explained to students at AAS that there are classrooms in Africa, where students share a single pencil, they quickly decided to collect school supplies for the African students in Nairobi and Kenya to show kindness. This is the second year students have been inspired to do this.

About AAS

The Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAS), a charter school in Lorain, OH., serves students in kindergarten to 3rd grade. AAS implements a thematic, interactive program that incorporates multiple learning styles. Mornings are dedicated to building solid skills in the core subject areas of reading, writing, math and science. While the afternoons are reserved for foreign language, music, physical education and a daily 90-minute block of AAS’s Paragon curriculum.

The Paragon curriculum is interdisciplinary, engaging, discovery-based and multi-cultural. The hands-on approach of Paragon addresses the multiple intelligences and individual learning styles. This enhances students’ communication skills, analysis and self-expression.

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